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Kirsten Lolita Milnes-Andersen
Jungian Analyst and Group Psychotherapist

Dipl. Jungian Analyst (Zürich, 1982); Dipl. Group Analyst (London/Oslo, 1993); Member of the International Association of Analytical Psychologists (IAAP); Licensed Psychotherapist (Sweden); author of "Journey from the Dark" (medical history, leprosy, stigma, 2010)


Alan Geoffrey Milnes
Professor (emeritiert), ETH Zürich; Geoscience Consultant

B.Sc (Edinburgh, 1960); Dr. Phil. (Basel, 1964); Prof. of Geology, Univ. of Bergen, 1991-1998; Titular Prof., ETH Zürich, since 1984; consultancy (GEA Consulting) from 1988; author of "Geology and Radwaste" (1985)


Home address:  Grand-Rue 7C, 2035 Corcelles (NE), Switzerland

Telephone +41 32 731 0714

 E-mail addresses:

Kirsten Lolita Milnes-Andersen: kmilnes@bluewin.ch

Alan Geoffrey Milnes: agmilnes@bluewin.ch; amilnes@ethz.ch